Jaymie Valentine (aka Cindergarden) is a critically acclaimed composer, songwriter, vocalist as well as a talented dancer and actress having studied and performed extensively in the Arts since a child. Her musical work has been featured in over twenty-five commercially distributed works which have been broadcast on the Syfy Channel, LifetimeComedy Central and more.  As the sole music composer at The Queen Mary: DARK HARBOR Long Beach, CA's premiere annual theme park attraction) she has scored all the park's music for the past 5 years.  Other prestigious compositional works include commercials for The American Cancer Society as well as the Humane Society.

Miss Valentine has also written, produced, and distributed three full-length albums and one EP for her dark electronic/rock solo project, Cindergarden.  As a touring and recording artist she has worked with Metropolis Records and MachineKUNT Records and is releasing new projects through her own label, Looking Glass Records. Additionally, the songbird is known for her melodic appearances in several Asylum Films with stunning vocal performances such as "Fire and Brimstone".

As a versatile composer, performer, and artist having majored in Jazz Improvisation, Classical as well as Modern/Ballet Dance and Theater from the University of Arts, Jaymie can work with any style of music or project vibe.   However her main focus has been crafting her own unique style with an emphasis on shadow and shimmer.  Using her background as a dancer, Jaymie focuses on the kinetic energy present in a scene and translates that movement into textural composition. Bringing out the mood and emotion of a scene or setting is a hallmark of Miss Valentine's compositional technique.  Listeners are sonically induced into a variety of richly painted atmospheres with millions of tiny, luxurious details.  Her signature combination of aggressive beats and lovely icy melodies has been described as "cinematic electronic goth music at its best." (Royce Icon, www.industrial.org)

Jaymie is currently working on many projects from her studio in Los Angeles and preparing to release a new full length album in 2015.  Looking Glass Records is also currently in the process of releasing dozens of previously undisclosed works by the artist which predate all official releases thus far. They can be discovered here and here.