Casey and Friends (2015) (Theme Song/ Jingle Branding)

Little Red Rotting Hood (2015) (Score Vocalist)

Queen Mary's Dark Harbor Theme Park (2015) (Composer)

Dry Blood (2015) (Feature Film/ Lead Actress)

Bound (2015) (Soundtrack Vocalist)

La Dame Blanche (2014) (BSP Pictures Movie Launch/ Lead Actress)

Queen Mary's Dark Harbor Theme Park (2014) (Composer)

System Syn Music Video Daydream From a Deathbed (2014) ) (Lead Actress)

Name That Tune App (2014) (Jingle Writer)

New Haven Boy's Home (2014) (Composer) (Televised Commercial)

The Humane Society (2014) (Composer) (Televised Commercial/National)

Queen Mary's Dark Harbor Theme Park (2013) (Composer)

New Haven Boy's Home (2013) (Televised Commercial)

The Humane Society (2013) (Composer) (Televised Commercial / National)

Habitats For Humanity (2013) (Composer)  ( Televised Commercial)

The American Cancer Society (2013) (Composer) (Televised Commercial/ National)

13/13/13 (2013) (Asylum Productions) (Composer of Additional Music, Soundtrack)

Mama's Kitchen (2013)(Composer) (Televised Commercial)

The American Cancer Society (2013) (Composer) (Televised Commercial)

Queen Mary's Chill Theme Park and Ice Kingdom  (2012) (Additional Music/ Composer)

Lunar Phases Video (2008) (Music Video Producer, Lead)

Lunar Phases (2012) (Cindergarden Album Producer/Creator)

Mama's Kitchen (2012) (Televised Commercial) (Composer, Music Editor)

Hold Your Breath (2012) (Songwriter, Main Soundtrack Vocalist)

Grimm's Snow White (2012) (Vocalist)

The American Cancer Society Making Strides Commercial (2012) (Composer)

Dark Harbor (2011) (Haunted Queen Mary Theme park) (Composer)

The American Cancer Society 2011 Commercial (2011) (Composer)

Ratline (2011) (Licensed Material)

Grunts (2011) (Composer: Original Score) (Licensed Material)

Haunting in Salem (2011) (Licensed Material)

200 MPH (2011) (Original Music)

Born Bad (2011) (Lifetime Original Movie) (Lyricist, Vocalist)

The Princess and The Pony (2010) (Composer: Additional Music)

Hesperia (2010)  (Composer: Original Score)

Dark Harbor (2010) (Haunted Queen Mary Theme Park) (Composer)

Grim Confections (2010) (Cindergarden Album/Producer)

#1 Cheer Leader Camp (2010) (Comedy Central) (Original Music and Vocals)

Titanic 2 (2010) (Syfi Channel Original Movie) (Main Soundtrack Vocalist)

Dying in America (2010) (Composer: Additional Music)

The American Cancer Society 2010 Commercial (2010) (Composer)

The Deposition (2010) (Vocalist)

Princess of Mars (2009) (Vocalist)

Haunting of Winchester House (2009) (Vocalist) (Licensed Material)

Transmorphers: Fall of Man (2009) (Singer: Underscore Vocal solos)
... aka "Transmorphers 2" - USA (Working Title), USA (Alternative Title)

Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus (2009) (Vocalist)
... aka "Mega Shark Versus Giant Octopus" - USA (Closing Credits Title)

The Terminators (2009) (Vocalist: Background Score)

Dragonquest (2009) (Singer: Underscore Vocal Solos)

The Clandestine Experiment (2008) (Cindergarden Album Producer)

Plague Town (2008) (Composer: Additional Music)

The Jesus Boat (2008) (Vocalist)

Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008) (V) (Singer: Underscore Vocal Solos)

System Syn (2008) (Live Tour Keyboardist and Back-up Singer)

System Syn (2007) (Guest Vocals, Guest Remix)

Underground Light Machine (2006) (Cindergarden Debut Album/ Producer)

Goodnight, Joseph Parker (2003) (Composer: Additional Music, Piano)

The Toledo Show (2000-2003) (Singer, Burlesque Dancer)

Hotel Cafe (2000) (Singer, Pianist)

University of the Arts (1998-2000) (Theater/Jazz Vocals/Modern Dance)